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From the top of his dungeon, five centuries contemplate you!

Château Mounet-Sully alone brings together a lot of interest to come and come back!


History in the first place, and especially that of its illustrious owner, the theatre actor and author, Jean Mounet-Sully, who made his career in Paris in the second part of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century and obtained the highest honours of French theatrical art within the French Comedy of which he was Dean.

His family castle in Bergerac, where he visited regularly, was also the meeting place for the greatest figures of the world of theatre and the arts of the time.

Auguste Rodin is said to have carved some capitals of the cloister and Edmond Rostand would have even chiseled some tirades of his Cyrano de Bergerac!

"The Mounet-Sully Castle is as special as its famous inhabitant, already, by its architecture.

Indeed, it was built over three epochs: the 16th, 18th and 19th centuries.

In the 16th century, it was a fortified farmhouse, which has grown over the centuries and notably in the 18th century thanks to the wealth of the owners, the Mounet-Sully family, and then an even more modern touch added by the artist Jean-Sully Mounet, more commonly called Mounet-Sully.

It is notably a cloister, a room and above all, a huge theatre that he will build, it is the paw of the tragedian, who swears only by his art and also by the party.

Mounet-Sully loved to receive, so it was all the personalities of the 19th century who passed through his castle where he organized great theatrical festivals accompanied by beautiful tables with great wines of Bergerac and perigourdine gastronomy.

In these personalities of the 19th, there is one who caught the eye of Mounet-Sully: the actress Sarah Bernhardt.

She was his mistress, followed him on his journeys, and even had a room for her in the castle, above that of the tragedy.

His wife and children were in the family wing of the 18th century, when the mistress was in the 19th part to cross a few corridors, rooms and stairs to join her lover." 

By Christophe Tastet, Cindy Lemaire – France Bleu Périgord

A story in motion!

Château Mounet-Sully is a private historical monument inscribed in the Supplementary Inventory of Historic Monuments that is visited for its past and which embraces the current events of our time.

Thus, the other interests of the place are due to its current owners and the passionate animation they implement to share their love for this fascinating place!

Laurent Peslerbe and his partner Stéphane Dubreuilh, share their taste for conviviality and their communicative good humour by hosting every Saturday evening the coktail bar of the castle.

They also hold the guest rooms of the castle, suites equipped and comfortable, for privileged moments in the heart of this historic mansion.

Finally, and this is not the least interest, Nathalie Peslerbe, art lover like the illustrious former owner of the place, crisscrosses galleries, stages and workshops to find the talents and program the cultural season of the castle.

The exhibitions are numerous and follow each other every three weeks.

Château Mounet-Sully remains a rich and varied cultural place, as jean Mounet-Sully did!

Openings of painting or sculpture exhibitions, shows, readings, and of course the theatre…. rhythm each season in an eclectic way.

Some highlights are also highlights such as the Book Fair, Heritage Days, the Festival of Castles, writing workshops and soon "The Sully of the Arts" for its first edition.

A unique place: four good reasons to come …

and come back!


A historic site

Château Mounet-Sully is a historic monument of the 16th, 18th and 19th centuries, inscribed in the ISMH. Surrounded by a large wooded park, the castle is very close to the city centre of Bergerac. It is fully furnished. Its theatre, cloister and exceptional parquet floors, ceilings, woodwork and fireplaces are noteworthy.

Guided tours are organised by reservation, for groups of at least ten people.

Length of guided tour:

45 minutes



A cultural space

A true contemporary projection of the Spirit of Enlightenment, Château Mounet-Sully stands like an embassy of arts and culture. As well as a place of exhibitions as a place of residence for artists, everything here promotes inspiration, reflection and creation!



A cocktail bar

The sense of celebration dear to the illustrious ancestor is reflected in the 21st century in the warm atmosphere of the place and carried by the friendliness of its owners.

You also have the option to privatize the venue for prestigious events.

Guest rooms

Château Mounet-Sully has seen a number of historical figures pass by. Now it's up to you to take part in this living setting and feel like the heroes of the place!


Next exhibitions

The Château Mounet-Sully team shows a lot of dynamism and multiplies the events! So to your calendars!

27/09/2020: third edition of the Book Fair with this year's Claude VILLERS as guest of honour, 21 authors and 3 publishers

October 2020: Saturday morning writing workshops resume

02/10/2020: Myssane opening (paintings and sculptures)

07/11/2020: opening Audrey Terreros (INSTINCTIVE PAINT abstract contemporary painter, realism)


Château Mounet-Sully welcomes you with pleasure for a guided tour all year round, only by reservation with groups of at least 10 people.
The coktail bar is open all year round on Saturdays, only from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. and also during exceptional events such as Heritage Days, the Book Fair, guided tours.
Remember to book for your visit on 06 85 47 95 20

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