Ozone decontamination, an effective technique practiced by cleaning professionals!

Best of Bergerac questions a disinfection technique that is plebisc users of health professionals during this pandemic period.


To learn more about this technique that uses the properties of ozone and its hygiene uses, we interviewed Michel GONTHIER, co-manager of the company CNI in Bergerac.

First of all, what is ozone?

In chemistry, it is also called super-oxygen! It is a tri-oxygen molecule, i.e. composed of three oxygen atoms (O3).

Ozone is a gas that is naturally present in the upper atmosphere and protects the Earth's surface from harmful UV rays from solar radiation.

At the level of the Earth's surface, this blue and fragrant gas has a very oxidizing and therefore toxic and deleterious power for living matter.

It is precisely this property that interests us to fight pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses and COVID 19 in particular.


What are the benefits of ozone decontamination?


Viruses have been studied during their interaction with ozone.

After 30 s of exposure to ozone, 99% of viruses were inactivated and demonstrated damage to their envelope proteins, which could result in a lack of attachment to normal cells and a breakage of RNA to a single strand.

Ozone gas has a number of potential advantages over other decontamination gases and liquid chemical applications.

Thus, ozone is a natural compound, easily generated in situ from oxygen or air, and decomposes into oxygen with a half-life of about 20 minutes (10 min depending on the environment).

As a gas, it can penetrate all areas of a room, including crevices, appliances, etc. 

This process does not clean of course, but effectively contributes, in non-present, to total disinfection in the least accessible areas (benefit of gas versus manual disinfection) compared to a time determined by the volume of the parts.

In short, what should we learn from this technique?

A 100% natural and environmentally friendly solution with NO chemicals or consumables.

– Ozone is 50 times more potent than chlorine and 300 times faster, it disinfects 99.99%.

– The ozone generator we use at CNI helps to reassure and protect your employees and your customers.

– Very easy to use, it absorbs oxygen from the air and diffuses ozone after an electric shock without any manipulation on your part.

– Very light (less than 4kg), small (shoebox format), portable, energy-efficient.

A 20 m2 room is disinfected and deodorized (tobacco odors, body odours) in 15 minutes (air and surfaces).

A big thank you, Michel Gonthier, for your explanations!

We now know more about this ozone decontamination technique that you master well with your teams at CNI!